A New Season

As you can see in the video, LTP was a blast. Our final project, the Wahiawa Community Festival, was a success and our team received a lot of praise for it being well organized and running smoothly. We learned a lot of new things while organizing the event but mostly we learned how to work together, as a couple, in a team. Along with our LTP graduation we also had a draft day where we found out what department we will be working in. We were surprised — to say the least — to find out that we will be Co-Directing the Summer Challenge program.

Summer Challenge is a month long program that is designed to build faith, confidence and friendship in a fun and challenging environment for young adults from the age of fifteen to twenty-one. There is a session in June as well as one in July. We are excited to be challenged in a new way as neither of us has ever had to lead a program with people of this age group, or a team.

Since we finished LTP we have been preparing for Summer Challenge. We are eager for the first session to start so that we can finally meet the Summer Challengers and get out of the office. As Summer Challenge is quite an intense program you most likely won’t see anything new on the blog until August. If you are interested in how it’s going don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Junia & Isak Junia & Isak

Before we head into this new season at STN we want to take the time to say thank you to the people who are in contact with us (through this blog and social media), for the people who pray for us and for those who support us financially. Your support makes it possible for us to serve here at STN where we have the privilege to impact the lives of people from our community and all over the world. So once again; mahalo for your support.