Adventure in Canada

Our journey to Prince Edward Island, Canada started on the 15th of December 2017. We flew from Zurich to Halifax; over Montreal and Ottawa. Our first flight was about eight hours and we could catch the next flight to Ottawa. When we arrived in Ottawa we got informed that our flight to Halifax was delayed because of a snowstorm. After three hours of waiting and trying to sleep we were happy when we could finally board the plane. Isak’s family was patiently waiting in Halifax to pick us up. We still had a three-hour drive until we arrived at where we were staying on PEI. In total our journey from Switzerland to Canada lasted about twenty-four hours.

confederation bridge The Confederation Bridge

We stayed with Isak’s family for three weeks. During our visit it was brisk with temperatures as low as minus thirty-five degrees celcius. The house we stayed in wasn’t well insulated yet and we only had one stove to keep it warm. It was also a challenge to get used to the food again because we hadn't been in Canada for over three years. Besides that, we really enjoyed spending time with Isak’s family; after fifteen months of not being able to see them.

As the weather wasn’t nice we had to find some things that we could do inside. We decided to clean up the house for Christmas Eve. We cleaned and de-cluttered the kitchen and Isak also helped fix the well and chimney. During our stay we enjoyed to go out for a coffee or to the movies. A common thing for us is to bake or cook together and we spent a lot of time doing this in Canada. It was nice for us to have some vacation before heading to Hawaii.

A great story always starts with troubles :) On the 24th of December at six a.m. we woke up because something smelled burnt. Isak went downstairs and saw that smoke came into the house from the chimney because it couldn’t go out. The whole house was smoked and it took us about two hours until we could get the smoke out of the house, so we could sleep again. When we woke up we wanted to treat ourselves with a nice breakfast in Charlottetown. As soon as we started driving the car’s gears didn’t work well. We tried to keep going but after about four kilometers we had to turn around because it had gotten worse and possibly dangerous. After one kilometer the car gave up completely and we couldn’t start it anymore. Isak’s family wasn’t home and we didn’t have a phone that worked with us. Meaning that the only option we had was to leave the car behind us and walk home. It was still about three kilometers that we had to walk in the cold, windy weather. We were freezing but made it home safely. In the evening we cooked a nice meal and enjoyed each other's company. All in all it was an interesting but good Christmas Eve.

junia and isak Junia and Isak

Two days before New Year’s Eve the water pipe in the well broke and we were without water for, luckily, only one day. Isak, Samuel, Jaco and two friends from Jaco did a great job and fixed it really fast. On New Year’s Eve we went to one of Isak’s friends, Jordan. Celebrating the evening together with him and his girlfriend Bailey. We started 2018 with great friends and we’re excited for the year ahead of us. On the 7th of January 2018 we left PEI and started our journey to Hawaii.