Arrival in Hawaii

We have already been at STN in the spring of 2014, where we met for the first time. The three month internship that we did was a life changing experience which made us want to come back for more. After our wedding, Junia’s apprenticeship and Isak’s internship; we both had the feeling of wanting to return to STN. We prayed about it and God has opened the door for us to return. So this is where we are, living in Wahiawa, Hawaii. Doing the Leadership Training Program (LTP) for three months and then volunteering for a year at STN. Who would have thought that we will be back where we first met?

We flew on the 7th of January 2018 from Canada to Hawaii. Our bags didn’t arrive with us so the first two days we were without them. It was nice to arrive two days early so we could rest before the program started and move into our nice little apartment. We were positively surprised and love to making it our new little home.

hawaiian palm trees Hawaiian palm trees

Our program started on the 10th of January 2018. We are eight people that come from Canada, Switzerland, Finland, South Africa and the US that are doing the LTP. The first day started with a lot of information about the LTP and then we went to MMA classes. On the following three days we had the annual STN Kick-Off Conference. All the staff members starts the year together and the new theme of the year was released: TAKE MORE RISKS! It spoke directly into our hearts because it was a big step for us, leaving our home, family and friends for fifteen months. During the conference we had teachings, preachings, a game night and could be creative by painting a wax painting. We also got the opportunity to go to a military base to do a two hour CrossFit workout with them. After four intensive but good days and sore muscles we enjoyed our weekend at the beach.

As a new week started we slowly got into our regular program. On the 17th of January 2018, 31 interns arrived and our LTP class had to organize a BBQ. We also will have to organize a two day event that impacts the local community of Wahiawa. Organizing the event will definitely challenge us to step out of our comfort zones and grow as leaders. It’s going to be an exciting, adventurous, fun, challenging, and interesting Fifteen months.