Namibia - Luke 24 Journey

On the 12th of March 2019, our Luke 24 Journey started in Namibia. Our team consisted of two leaders from Namibia, four Swiss women, one woman from Germany and Isak from South Africa. It's awesome to see how God has brought our team together since almost all of us are German speaking. We spent a total of four weeks together and experienced a lot in that time. The Luke 24 Journey is about asking God for guidance and following His voice.

The team The team

In the first two weeks we were taught in different areas. We learned how to have an intimate relationship with God and live a lifestyle of faith, how to hear God's voice, how to teach the gospel, and how to begin a DBS (Discovery Bible Study). We were also prepared for our missions and got to know the different cultures of Namibia. Well equipped, we were ready for our outreaches.

View over Oanob Dam View over Oanob Dam

During our training we had time to ask God where to do our first outreach. After various confirmations, it became clear that we should go to Berseba in the south of Namibia. Each of us received various projects for Berseba, which God had placed on our hearts. Berseba is a small remote village that only gets running water for two hours a day. A family opened their house for us and we were allowed to pitch our tents on their property. During our time in Berseba, we played and collected trash with the children, made various home visits, prayed with people and strengthened their faith. We even had the opportunity to pray for the sick and could organize and lead the service in a local church on Sunday. We were in Berseba for a total of four days, then God revealed the next step to us.

Isak with some of the kids from Berseba Isak with some of the kids from Berseba

God showed us with many pictures that we should go north to Ruacana. Ruacana is a small village on the border of Angola and is known for the spiritual struggle that prevails there. We again had the opportunity to stay with a family and even had running water. It was an amazing and interesting time in Ruacana. With two translators, we walked to the Zemba people and got to know their culture. The Zemba people go to the witchdoctor with their problems and this lets demons into their lives. They practice occultism and live in a very dark world. It takes several years for the Zemba people to fully understand the gospel. They were very friendly and open and we were even allowed to pray for them and share our experiences with God with them. We also went to the Himba people, who also practice occultism. It was very interesting to get to know their culture and spend time with them. It was a gift from God that we were also allowed to pray for them, and we hope our meeting had a lasting impact on their lives.

Part of our team with the Himba people Part of our team with the Himba people

The Luke 24 Journey was an unforgettable and unique experience. In addition to the outreaches, we also enjoyed the beautiful nature and wild animals in Namibia. Looking back on a fruitful time, we are grateful for getting to know God in a new way.

An elephant bull in the Etosha National Park An elephant bull in the Etosha National Park

Now God has shown us our next step and Isak and I will go to Mozambique. Together with Jaco, Isak’s dad, we will help the people who are affected by the flood and tell them about God's love.

Junia and Isak on the dunes south of Swakopmund Junia and Isak on the dunes south of Swakopmund

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