Ready, set, GO!

There’s a lot of exciting things happening this fall and winter and we can’t wait to share it with you. We will be getting a visit from Junia’s parents at the end of September that we are looking forward to. Then, on the 18th of November, we will be flying to Switzerland to get a new visa. At the beginning of December we will have the amazing privilege of joining up with STN on their Middle East outreach trip to Egypt and Morocco. Once the trip is over we will be back in Switzerland for Christmas and then fly out to Hawaii on the 27th of December. We are super stoked to get to come home for a few weeks and see all our friends and family in Switzerland. It has been a long time gone and we can’t wait to share our stories and get to see everybody again. Let us know if you want to hang out and catch up while we are back in Switzerland.

The Middle East trip is an outreach where STN goes to different countries in northern Africa and the Middle East. This year we will be going to Egypt and Morocco, where we will help impact the local communities through the sport of surfing and selfless service. We will be taking all kinds of surfing supplies (surfboards, clothes, etc.) as well as general materials that they need with us to give to the locals. Along with taking materials with us we will also be serving the locals in practical ways as we learn more about the culture of both countries. Junia and I are beyond pumped to get to be a part of this trip and to help the local surf and non-surf communities across Egypt and Morocco. We took the risk of saying yes to this trip and we need your support to be able to go and bring hope to the people of Egypt and Morocco.


We are happy to announce that we are planning to stay with STN in Hawaii at least until the summer of 2019, once we return from Switzerland. We will keep you posted as we continue our work with STN; bringing hope and positive change to communities both local and international.